Rob Ford.. enough said.

Rob Ford has put Toronto on international headlines, but not for all the right reasons.

Rob Ford

Mayor Rob Ford – via Telegraph

Recently after the admission of taking crack cocaine while heavily intoxicated, the media has pestered him at every opportunity and feed off his outrage. Crews waiting outside his office days before a major emergency vote by city council sparked a huge issue with me when a reporter stepped out in front of the mayor and fell sparking a member of the crowd to yell “He’s pushed another one!” prompting Ford to yell “No I didn’t! She just fell.”

Media outlets jumped on this covering it as if he didn’t care but of course did not mention the fact that someone shouted he pushed another one.

The Ford Court of Public Opinion

The culture that media outlets have created in regards to Ford is amazing. They have stopped being Journalists and started being school children seeing as just last week a Trey Radel, a US Senator, was caught purchasing cocaine while holding public office. Personally i’ve yet to see a single “crack starter” bid or SNL skit that shows off Radel’s actions.

I have begun to feel like this is one of Canada’s biggest public interest scandals. Many are not exactly concerned about the budget issues of the Parliament, but a mayor purchasing Cocaine for consumption is something that every Canadian has the ability to digest and have an opinion on.

In the court of public opinion Ford has lost his case. if Canada really wants to move forward and leave this “blight” behind we need to stop treating him like the next Miley Cyrus.


My take

The media sensation of Ford needs to end. Council has removed him of just about every responsibility that he ever held. There cannot be that much to watch now that his day entitles showing up to work and leaving. Canadians, in true fashion, are even going out and apologizing for his actions to people in the world. I’m not standing up for him, nor am i bashing, but I am missing the part where he somehow effected to man or woman in southern Arizona.

Like many “Scandals” this will keep surfacing and surfacing and even when Ford dies, the headline will show “Toronto’s crack mayor dead”. The best thing we all can all do is move forward. Business has all but stopped in Canada’s largest city and we need to get it started again.