Lululemon Vs The World

Lululemon’s Founder, Chip Wilson, has landed himself in some hot water as of late by addressing product flaws by pointing the finger to operator error. How does someone muck up clothing? By having a body that just don’t work.

lulWilson does have a point though, some body’ are not meant for some clothing lines. Some bra lines don’t go further than a DD and some clothing lines pride themselves on ultra thin clothing to support those who live such a life style.


Lululemon’s clothing line is specifically meant for Yoga. Yoga was the inspiration around the product line development however comfort and almost cult obsession with the brand launched it far beyond that.

But what is with the double standard? You don’t see groups going after lingerie companies like La Senza which majority of their lines are focused to the thin market. You also don’t see thin people up in arms over big and tall stores posting petitions online to call for apologizes from their respective executives and demanding smaller clothing.

The female body is a form of art, and that was not up for debate with Wilson’s address. He instead vocalized something we all knew. Lululemon, much like many other lingerie, clothing, and life style brands, do not make products with larger woman in mind.


Whats your opinion?

Should there be an official apology made with a new line launch? Let me know in the comments or take this weeks poll.