Goverment of Canada adds 5 names to banned list of names

baby photo

Baby photosIts no secret that things such as the maple leaf and Tim Hortons are practically trade marks for Canada.

This is why the Canadian government has generated a list of names no longer allowed for use as they all have significant meaning to Canada.

  • Mackenzie 

Due to its strong affiliation with the river, the name Mackenzie is no longer eligible for use. Those who have the popular name, may keep it.

  • Hudson

Hudson Bay Co. had a pretty big claim to this one. The prestigious HBC came out swinging when adding to the list was announced. No longer shall a child and the age old company get mixed up.

  • Timmie

Does anyone really call Tim Horton’s by its name? Probably if they are from out of Canada. This confusion needed to end, and much like HBC, Timmies efforts to make it to the list was there.

  • Maple

The Maple Leaf is a clear icon in identifying a Canadian. Those alternative parents will need to be even more creative as the name is struck down.

  • Eh

In a land where Eh is said thousands of times per city block, it’s been dubbed to confusing to allow this to be used.

How do you feel about this list of baby names, or did you realize it was an april fools joke all along?