Best April Fools of all time?


Many businesses or even people claim to have created the best April Fools joke of all time, and its often opinion ones opinion as to what will give it such a title. But who has really “jumped the shark”?

Zelda April FoolsThose who were old enough to remember YouTube as a new venture to bring a weird video “streaming” service (common, we all know that we just let that thing buffer till the end) might remember IGN’s pull on the hopes and dreams of gamer world wide.

In what was easily the most invested production of an April Fools joke at the time. IGN produced an absolutely believable trailer as part of their April Fools 2008 campaign.

The Legend of Zelda is a series that speak to many of us more “experience” . As far as April Fools day goes, this took the cake for me, and for what was the better half of an afternoon I was looking for news sources to validate the claim.

Take a look below and if you’ve come up with one that trumps me, take a stab at it and post.